Don't leave it to chance and

Fábrica de Parejas is an executive matchmaking service designed for elite singles. 


Our team of Matchmakers has more than 10 years of experience arrangin first dates between like-minded people with 80% success rate in Mexico. Our team has created an entire methodology which encompasses personality, social and emotional intelligence to ensure you meet the right person for you.




Our team has arranged more than 5,000 first dates, wherein 8 out of 10 people wish to go out with the same person on a second date.

Decisive factors about the image, communication and behaviour of the first date are discussed, integrating beliefs and past experiences that allow to be open to finding love.

We have a professional team of Matchmakers specialized in areas such as psychology, neurology, anthropology and personal imaging, making us experts within our professional field.

Each client has a personalized experience with their team of Matchmakers.


By being a member of Fábrica de Parejas you will have access to our Academy, obtaining the necessary tools and knowledge to develop your Emotional Intelligence, which is the basis for building solid, satisfactory and lasting relationships.

We create meaningful connections and experiences

You will work with a dedicated team of professional Matchmakers to create a personalized search based on your interests and essential non-negotiables


Personalized attention

Each person has their preferences and expectations when it comes to a relationship and our Matchmakers will take these factors into account to provide you with the best candidates


Accompaniment of a team of Matchmakers throughout the process to ensure the correct selection of candidates with high affinity, thus aligning aspirations with their possibilities.

Quality candidates

Our Matchmakers will have all the necessary information that you have provided them in your interviews, which will allow you to only meet people with a lifestyle similar to yours and in a safe way.

Confidentiality and security

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your photo and information will not be circulating on the internet. Our Matchmaking services are private and confidential for already registered clients.


Much of our success is due to the selection of our clients, as each person wishing to join Fábrica de Parejas has to meet certain requirements that are essential to have quality first dates.


Searching for the right person could be tedious and time-consuming.

Applying for a Fábrica de Parejas membership is not and we show you in 3 steps:

2, 4 and 6 appointments depending on the membership you purchase and you will also receive basic advice on what you should and should not do on a first date.

You will know the answer
to the following questions

What kind of single are you?

What is your style for relating to others?

What is your dominant temperament?

What is your main emotional wound from childhood?

What is your type of attachment?

What is your love language?

You will have feedback after your dates to learn about your successes and areas of opportunity. Your team of Matchmakers will provide you with personalized follow-up throughout your process.