FDP agrees to provide THE CLIENT with the appointments agreed upon by the type of membership selected at the end of their contract.

• THE CLIENT guarantees that all information provided to FDP is true and can be subject to verification. If any information is found false, THE CLIENT’S membership will be terminated immediately without any type of refund. 

• FDP makes dates between clients under its own judgment and/or that of its work team, who will always act in a professional and responsible manner.

• FDP is not responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the information concerning its clients since this is information provided by them and is sometimes not subject to verification.

• FDP has the power to terminate the membership and any contractual relationship with THE CLIENT if one or more of the clients complain verbally or in writing about their behaviour, considering it inappropriate, violent or indecent, either towards another client of FDP or to any representative of FDP. Termination will be made at the discretion of FDP and there will be no refund of any amount to THE CLIENT. 

• THE CLIENT’S membership will end when the dates to which they are entitled according to their membership have been made.

• If for any reason THE CLIENT cannot attend their scheduled date, they must cancel or modify it directly on the website at least 24 hours before their date; If you do not do so, it will be deducted from the number of dates remaining in your membership.

• If THE CLIENT arrived for his appointment, but the person making the appointment did not show up, THE CLIENT will not be deducted from any date and, on the contrary, FDP may give him, at its discretion, an additional date at no cost.

• In order to continue with your process, it will be the responsibility of THE CLIENT to carry out the feedback process for your date and which can be done by answering the appointment feedback form, which is located on the website and logging with your username and password, otherwise you will not be able to continue with their matching process.

• In the event of non-compliance by THE CLIENT with any of the payments due, FDP will be able to terminate this contractual agreement early and THE CLIENT will not be reimbursed for any payments made previously. 

• FDP reserves the right not to renew or extend the term of this contract for any reason.

• THE CLIENT will be jointly responsible for his interaction and behavior with other clients belonging to FDP. FDP does not offer guarantees or warnings regarding these appointments and THE CLIENT will not have legal recourse against FDP and/or any of its representatives, employees or collaborators in relation to the dates. Each and every appointment accepted by THE CLIENT is under their own responsibility.

• THE CLIENT has the right to suspend his membership for a period of time not exceeding 12 consecutive months, notifying FDP in writing of the reasons for said suspension. If the suspension exceeds said period, the membership will be automatically canceled and there will be no refund of any amount to THE CLIENT.

• THE CLIENT accepts that they have registered and have voluntarily answered certain questions online within our website and in the same way that they have been interviewed in person or virtually with a Matchmaker. The information that THE CLIENT has provided to FDP includes, among others, personal data and photographs. This information will be used only by FDP within its processes, as well as for sending newsletters and advertising in general.

• (CONFIDENTIALITY).- Both FDP and THE CLIENT will sometimes have access to secret and confidential information, so both parties declare that they know that the information to which they have access or that is generated during their meetings, appointments, interviews, meetings or emails, do not belong to them; They know that maintaining absolute confidentiality regarding each and every one of this information constitutes an essential condition of their service relationships, thereby complying with the provisions of current legislation, which is why they cannot speak about their previous experiences with other clients, since in the event of non-compliance with this clause, this contract will be cancelled, without the right to a refund. 

• This contract is unique and can only be modified in the terms established therein or by means of a modifying agreement; therefore, other oral or written agreements signed by the parties separately will not have effects on this contract. 

• This contract is valid and protected by the commercial laws of the CDMX and will not be terminated except for the reasons previously established within it and no claim or dispute should be made based solely on one of the parties.

• The obligations of this contract are non-transferable and any change at the request of THE CLIENT will be subject to prior authorization from FDP.

• In the event of disputes in the interpretation and compliance of the provisions of this contract, the parties are willing to submit to the arbitration stipulated under the rules of the current Commercial Code of the CDMX.

• This contract will not come into effect and there will be no obligation for either party if there is no payment made by THE CUSTOMER to FDP and a receipt issued by FDP to THE CLIENT.

• This contract will come into effect once the corresponding signatures of both parties are found.

• THE CLIENT accepts that, when starting his/her Appointment process, he/she must read the Clients’ Internal Regulations, which are located within the site:

• THE CLIENT declares that as of the date of signing this contract he does not have and has not had a criminal record.

• THE CLIENT declares that as of the date of signing this contract he does not have any addiction to any legally prohibited substance.

• THE CLIENT declares that as of the date of signing this contract he is not involved in any romantic or legal relationship with another person as a couple, or if he is, he is in the process of divorcing.

• THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that he has read the Terms and Conditions section and the Privacy policy found within the website and accepts that he agrees with everything described there.

• THE CLIENT will provide a simple copy and on some occasions show the original documents to FDP of the following documents: Official Identification with photograph, Proof of studies, Proof of address, Business card or any other document that FDP requires to validate their information. 

• The Matchmaking Agency (FDP) will not be responsible for any type of physical or psychological violence that may arise between the Agency’s clients. Clients acknowledge and agree that the Matchmaking Agency only provides an introduction service and facilitates contact between individuals, but has no control over the actions, behaviors or intentions of clients. Clients understand that it is their responsibility to exercise appropriate judgment and caution when interacting with other clients and that they must take appropriate steps to protect their personal safety and emotional well-being. The Matchmaking Agency strongly encourages clients to use their own judgment when deciding to engage in any activities or relationships with other clients. 

Clients waive any claim, demand or legal action against the Matchmaking Agency in relation to any incident of physical or psychological violence that may arise between clients. Furthermore, clients agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Matchmaking Agency and its employees, agents and representatives from any claim, damage or loss they may suffer as a result of their participation with the Agency.

Each client understands that the Matchmaking Agency does not conduct extensive background checks or guarantee the suitability or integrity of clients. The Agency is not responsible for any false or misleading statements provided by clients in their profiles or during the matching process.

By continuing to use the services of the Matchmaking Agency, clients agree and acknowledge that they have read, understood and agreed to this disclaimer and waive any right or claim against the Matchmaking Agency for incidents of physical or psychological violence. .

• CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP The cancellation of membership may be carried out by THE CLIENT at any time, by sending an email to explaining the reasons.

• REFUNDS. If the Member has already had their Personal Interview with their Matchmaker, there will be no refund. If the Member has already attended a date with a candidate, there will be no refund. In the event that the Member has not had their personal or virtual Interview with their Matchmaker, the refund does apply.

***Because it is a personalized service, membership is non-transferable.

• THE CUSTOMER accepts the terms and conditions of this contract.