FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS (the “Responsible”), with address at Bosque de Pome # 9 Casa 10 Paseos del Bosque, Naucalpan, State of Mexico CP 53297, in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its respective Regulation and other applicable provisions (hereinafter the “Law”), informs you that you are responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection, for which reason this is made available to you. Notice of Privacy:

Information to Collect:

The data that you as the owner provide us will be treated under the principles established in the Law (legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility).

We inform you that, in order to register on this website, you will be asked for the following information:

Identification and contact information: Full name, email, cell phone, as well as your date of birth and place of residence.

Purposes of the processing of your personal data:

  • We will use the personal data that we collect on the website for the following purposes:
  • To identify, locate, communicate and contact the user, as well as to send information and/or merchandise.
  • For statistical and scientific use; and transmission to third parties and business partners by any means permitted by Law.  
  • To develop, on its own or through its affiliates or any third party, studies on the interests, behaviors and demographics of the owners, in order to better understand their needs and interests, and offer better services or provide them with relevant information.
  • To improve our commercial initiatives and strategies and those of third parties with whom we have a commercial and/or legal relationship.
  • To analyze the internet pages visited, the searches carried out by the owners, as well as to improve our offer of content and articles, including personalization, presentation, programming and services.
  • To send information via email regarding offers, discounts, or any other type of commercial information.
  • For all data that is collected by means other than this website, we ask you to consult the corresponding privacy notice, in order to know the purposes of said collection.

Limitation of the use and disclosure of your data:

The Controller is committed to safeguarding your personal data under strict physical, technical and administrative security measures, which have been implemented, in accordance with the Law, in order to protect said personal data against any damage, loss, alteration, destruction, unauthorized use, access or treatment, and seeking, above all, to guarantee the confidentiality of the data and ensure that any risk or violation that may arise is minimized.

Exercise of ARCO Rights:

At all times, you have the right to access the personal data that we possess and the details of their processing, as well as to rectify them if they are inaccurate or request their cancellation when you consider that they turn out to be excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified their use. obtain or oppose the processing of these, through the respective request in free writing that meets the requirements established in the Law. If you require information about said request, you may do so by sending an email to the address: privacy@fabricadeparejas. com

Once your request is received, we will inform you of the determination adopted within the period established by the Law and, if appropriate, it will be effective in accordance with the deadlines established by the Law.

You can revoke the consent that, if applicable, you have given us for the processing of your personal data. To revoke your consent you must submit a request under the same terms as that for the exercise of your ARCO Rights.

Use of cookies and/or web counters:

“Cookies” are small text files that a web server sends to your computer, which serve to provide you with better service regarding our products and/or services. Session cookies remember the activity you previously carried out on our website. Persistent cookies even make it possible to save your preferences in the various sessions in which you visit our website, which allows us to personalize, for example, the way in which said site makes available to you the information of interest to you.

Likewise, cookies can be used to prevent us from showing you advertisements, news and/or recommendations that may interest you, in accordance with your previous activities on our website. Cookies are also used to implement strategies that allow us to increase the quality of our products and/or services.

Web beacons are generally graphic images that are placed on a website and are used to count the number of visitors to a website or may even allow access to some cookies. The use of web beacons on our website is intended to reflect statistics regarding the products and/or services that are of interest to you. These web beacons typically do not collect information other than what your browser provides us as a standard part of any Internet browsing. If you choose to disable cookies in your Internet browser, the web beacon will no longer be able to specifically track your activity.

Some websites or applications on our website may use locally stored objects, such as Flash cookies or local storage with HTML5. These types of locally stored objects are used for similar purposes to cookies but can generally contain a greater amount of data different from browser cookies. You can modify your Flash player settings using Settings Manager to match your preference for local shared object storage, including turning off local shared object storage only for certain websites or turning off local shared object storage entirely for all sites. Web.

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About the transfer of your personal data:

We inform you that the data collected through the website will not be transferred to third parties other than or unrelated to the person responsible. However, for data collected by any other means, we ask you to review the corresponding privacy notices.

Changes to the Privacy Notice:

This Privacy Notice may be modified in the future. In any case, any modification to it will be made known to you by publishing it on the following website:

*If you do not express your opposition, it is understood that you have read and accept the terms contained in this Privacy Notice.