By sending your data to FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS, it is assumed that you agree and are accepting the terms and conditions indicated here. Guaranteeing that you have the authority, the right and the capacity to agree or not to comply with said stipulations.

FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS fully reserves the right to admit you as a partner or client of our Agency. We are not required to give you any explanation if your request is rejected. Furthermore, FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS has the full right to cancel your membership if a suspicious or bad attitude is detected, or if you lied in the information of your application, in the same way if any other member complains about you.

Our team will contact you either by telephone, email or in person to verify the information you mentioned in your request. It should be noted that all the information you provide us is completely confidential and private, so only the authorized FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS team will have access to it. If this information is false, it will be cause for rejection or cancellation of your membership.

FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS is not responsible if any of the partners reveals certain information about other partners to third parties. What FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS guarantees is that each partner or client will be able to meet new people.

FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS together with its associates have no responsibility for any damage, either directly or indirectly, that may arise with respect to any of the services we offer. Furthermore, FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS and its associates are also not responsible for damages that may arise with other partners, including: Material, psychological, physical and/or third-party damages.

FÁBRICA DE PAREJAS does not offer marriage between partners or clients, nor does it guarantee chemistry between them.

None of these terms and conditions are negotiable.